Michelle Phillips

Kaci HeadshotQUICK BIO:

Michelle Phillips is a freelance writer, novelist, and poet. She is currently attending school with hopes to enter the RN program in the fall, working on a Christian Fiction Novel and writing a series of children’s books. When she’s not practicing the art of storytelling, she’s either spending time with her two children, her dog Frog, her parrot Ricky, and cat River Song, or practicing American Karate. She is a living kidney donor and an active and avid volunteer for Donate Life. She believes in integrity and honesty. She tends to be easy-going when relating to others and be quite meticulous in the way she functions in the world.

Michelle is currently  aspiring to complete her first work of Christian fiction.



Michelle with her children 2011

When asked who I am, I am reminiscent of adults asking, “What do you want to be when you grow up,” as a child. I want to answer as I did then, “A mommy and a writer.” But that’s not all there is to it, is it?

I am so much more than just two simple labels, but I will start there. I am a mommy. I love being a mommy. It is the best and most amazing thing I have ever done. I have two terrific kids, a dog named Frog and a cat named River Song. The most important moments in my life are the ones spent with my family, they are my treasure.

I am a writer. For so very long, I have said, “I want to be a writer.” No more. I am tired of wanting to write and now, here I am, writing. It may not be perfectly executed, it may not always be spelled correctly, and it may not be consistently grammatically correct; but it is my heart, right here in print for others to read. I am vulnerable, available and brutally open so that maybe one person can find something they enjoy, relate to or understand and, for one brief moment, they don’t feel quite so alone in this world.

I am a survivor of domestic abuse. Not all abuse leaves visible marks and bruises, some abuse is deeper: emotional, verbal, even financial and spiritual. I don’t share this to make you feel sorry for me.  Actually, I would appreciate it very much if you don’t, thank you. I share this because there are others out there who suffer in silence. Those whose abusers have made them feel that it’s their fault, that they’re just being too sensitive, or that they’re really just crazy or blowing things out of proportion. The abuser’s “love bomb” potential victims so completely in the beginning that it’s hard to believe that Prince Charming is actually  the troll under the bridge. It’s okay, you’re not crazy and there is life after abuse. Real life. Full life. Your life, waiting for you to live it.

11129809_10206555554514778_5788650221920729882_nI am a martial artist. My daughter and I attend classes and practice Karate together. In 2014, we started Karate, competed and placed in our first tournament, and qualified for our yellow belt. Never in my life did I see myself as an athlete, but here I am. I look forward to class every week and cannot imagine my life without martial arts any longer. Even the hard work doesn’t seem like work. It is even more amazing that I am blessed to train with some truly inspirational people and am being taught by an equally inspirational instructor. “I can’t” no longer exists in my vocabulary and I am learning that, as long as you’re willing to put forth the effort, nothing is impossible.

I am so, so much more. Most of all, though, I am learning to be me. I will no longer march to the beat of someone else’s drummer. I am dancing to the music in my own heart and loving the living! I am going to school to be a nurse, working full time, and writing my book. I am living my dream.

Finally, and more simply put: I am a strong, beautiful, real spiritual woman who has grace for herself and her children and is trusting in and loved by God. Only a few people will understand why I would put such a crazy long run on sentence in my bio, but I can’t answer who I am without it. If you want to know more, check out createagreatlife.org 

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